Preparative Laboratory

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 Preparative Metods
Beckman-Coulter – Ultracentrifuge

High performance centrifuge for separation of compounds

CEM – Discover SP

Laboratory microwave for chemical synthesis

Hermle – Centrifuge Z366

Desktop centrifuge for separation of compounds

KSV Nima – Minitrough

Langmuir-Blodgett instrumentation for fabrication of monomolecular thin films

Martin Christ – Freeze drying ALPHA 1-4 LDplus

Universal freeze drying machine

Metrohm – Karl Fischer 831KF Coulometer

Electrochemical characterization of chemical compounds

MBraun – MB-Labmaster SP Glovebox

Glovebox providing an inert atmosphere for oxygen and water sensitive reactions

Retsch – PM100 Planetary ball mill

Planetary ball mill for grinding of powder based materials