Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics

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Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics

At the Institute of Advanced Materials and Processes (ZMP), the research area of non-metallic inorganic materials is represented by the Chair of Glass and Ceramics (Prof. Greil). The main topics in the last years are the investigation of the basics of novel fabrication routes for the production of ceramics and composites from preceramic papers, preceramic polymers and biological templates. Design and development of effective and efficient materials for applications in mechanical, automotive, and medical engineering as well as aviation is one of the important challenges for modern materials science and engineering.  Due to their chemical stability in large regions of temperature, their extraordinary mechanical properties and biocompatibility, ceramic materials are particularly suitable to fulfill the demanding tasks.


Novel generative technologies, so called “Additive Manufacturing (AM)”-technologies, e. g. “Three Dimensional printing (3DP)TM”, “Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)” and Robocasting are gaining increasing significance for the build-up of ceramic bodies with complex shapes. These technologies are investigated by the group for Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics. The work includes pre-processing, generative shaping as well as post-processing (consolidation and heat treatment). Aim of the research is the systematic design of microstructure in layered manufacturing of 3D-shaped parts in order to optimize the properties for sets of loading relevant for the respective application.